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Re: re:Film Stock

Richard writes:

))All Kodak film stocks are manufactured with barcodes, that cannot be lost
in processing. A more likely reason the Keycode reader failed to function
properly, is that the barcode was fogged due to use of daylight spools on
100' loads or improper handling somewhere in the loading or unloading of the
camera mags. The barcode is very small on 16mm film,and is very near the edge
making it easy to fog.((

Actually, Richard, I think that Kodak hasn't yet added keycode to B&W
reversal stocks, as they are not a real "professional" stock in EK's opinion.
 Too bad, they look great when properly exposed -- really snappy and sharp
and low in grain.  But little exposure latitude.

They are supposed to add them soon, so I hear.

Jeff "hey, I still LOVE color reversal, too" Kreines