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Re: Film Stock Question

>Had a recent transfer of black-and-white reversal stock, Kodak #7276 in the
>other day.  The film (it's 16mm, double perf) had some printed edge numbers
>but no barcodes visible, so naturally the Keykode reader failed to read it at
>Question: Is this type of stock barcoded to begin with, or did the barcodes
>get lost in processing?

There is no barcode on 7276 or any of the older Kodak 16mm reversal film
stocks such as 7278, 7240, 7250.  It is basically because these older
stocks are not made in great quantity anymore and still follow their old
manufacturing process.
Kodak told me that their had been no demand to change this process to
generate barcodes.

What we do in this situation where the barcode does not exist is punch mark
a reference frame against the films edge number at the head of each camera
roll, note that edge number, then enter it through the manual Keycode entry
on the AATON KeyLink.  You'll need to check whether it's round the right
way ascending or decending edge numbers as can sometimes be the case for FX


John Bowring

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