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Re: Film Stock

JKreines at aol.com wrote:
> Richard writes:
> ))All Kodak film stocks are manufactured with barcodes, that cannot be lost
> in processing. A more likely reason the Keycode reader failed to function
> properly, is that the barcode was fogged due to use of daylight spools on
> 100' loads or improper handling somewhere in the loading or unloading of the
> camera mags. The barcode is very small on 16mm film,and is very near the edge
> making it easy to fog.((
> Actually, Richard, I think that Kodak hasn't yet added keycode to B&W
> reversal stocks, as they are not a real "professional" stock in EK's opinion.
>  Too bad, they look great when properly exposed -- really snappy and sharp
> and low in grain.  But little exposure latitude.
> They are supposed to add them soon, so I hear.
> Jeff "hey, I still LOVE color reversal, too" Kreines
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All recent colour stocks have barcodes but you may need new software to
read the latest 5277 stock