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Re: Party

Paul Grace wrote:
> Final shout!!! Sponsors round.
> Tonight at 6.30pm
> The 13th Feb (Thursday)
> Venue is  upstairs at the famous Crown and two
> chairman public house, Dean Street, Soho, London.
> Sponsors are....thank you......
> Cintel
> daVinci
> Pandora
> Innovation TK
> Digital Vision
> The bar is free and I dare you to drink it dry!!!
> We have =A31800 pounds of sponsorship to appreciate.
> Stop press....First 50 people to arrive will get a free cool black "Spr=
ocket" T Shirt.
> This will be a sought after collectors item and wearing it will guarant=
ee success with the opposite sex
> and immunity from alcohol poisoning (not).
> Paul (Anarchy in the Uk) Grace.

I'am jealous!!! Why can't someone do this here in LA?? Or better yet
will someone send me=20
a plane ticket?? You Brits have all the fun!!

Howard "Thirsty in a hot dry land" Lukk