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Telecine / Feature Film

I enclose a request made to me by a colleague.  I want to throw this open
to the group to get some opinions:

This relates to the Telecine of a feature film "I Went Down"

Please reply to the group or to me at "holmsey at indigo.ie"

>Re: " I Went Down", 35 mm colour. 106 mins.
>Following our conversation this afternoon, my query is as follows:
>We're producing an INTERNEG and INTERPOS in the lab following the film
>grade at Technicolor in London. Is it possible to use one of these to
>telecine from for our final tape master ? It sounds like the obvious route
>is a LO-CON print but that's something we just didn't budget for. So can we
>go from an I/N or I/P in the same time. If we have to do it from a LO-CON
>print we will, but I want to know our options and what's best for the time
>we have and the grader. We've estimated a 12 hr grade and additional 9
>doing various laybacks.
>My second question relates to the laybacks. We have to deliver the
>1 x D3          1.66:1
>2 x D3          4:3 (full screen)
>1 x Digibeta    1.85:1
>1 x Beta sp     1.66:1
>The film was shot 1.85:1. I'm confused as to finding the most time and
>labour efficent
>way to do all this. One facility recommended doing a Digibeta master
>1.85:1, and doing the different versions in an edit suite, panning &
>scanning with a DVE. I don't like that idea as I believe you'll get a
>better picture in Telecine zooming in than through a DVE.
>In addition to all the above, each requirement has a different soundtrack
>which I assume will be done as a seperate layback if necessary.
>It would be great if someone out there can give me a bit of guidance as I
>want to make this as straightforward as possible for us and obviously the
>Thank you,

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