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SONY telecine.

        I note that much debate takes place on the TIG about whether SONY
have developed a Telecine. I can't answer that question categorically, but
draw people's attention to US patent 5,428,387. This describes in great
detail how to build a 2-D CCD array telecine. There are some fine diagrams
of a 2-box realisation of a telecine, and lost of details of the scanning
        The patent runs 26 pages, and has 51 claims. Anyone intested should
be able to get copies from either the US patent office, or their national
patent office. In the interest of dissemination of information, I'm more
than willing to fax the cover page to anyone that is interested and emails
me, and for one reaon or another, can't get hold of the patent.


Peter Stansfield
Wavecrest Systems Ltd

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