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Unidentified subject!

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>>"False economy" seems a very fitting term indeed.(

>Hold on there!  Perhaps the savings made it possible to shoot more and as a
>result make a better film......but one COULD choose to use the savings to shoot
>more film.  I know I have...

>Jeff "I'm not a colorist ....

Does providing more "out take fodder" necessarily make a better film (or
even sitcom?)? Maybe.  I can see that there are real economic reasons for
shooting 3 perf.  I just look back at the days people began shooting it with
the justification that they were saving all of this money.  Given the hoops
people had to jump through to transfer 3 perf at the time, and the extra
film shot, this was not always the case. I still find it strangely ironic.
Hopefully things have changed.  I'm just thankful that I presently am not
having to deal with it.
At least you can use your new Evertz to keep track of it all. ;-)

Craig Nichols
Telecine Engineer