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Re: (Fwd) SONY telecine.

Peter Stansfield wrote:
>         I note that much debate takes place on the TIG about whether SONY
> have developed a Telecine. I can't answer that question categorically, but
> draw people's attention to US patent 5,428,387. 

	The patent is viewable on IBM's patent server at
(Ain't the internet great?)

	The patent was filed almost four years ago, by John Galt & James
Pearman, both of Glendale, CA.  It rather broadly describes a telecine
consisting of three adjustable light sources with RGB filters, a light
integrating sphere, a rotating shutter disk, an intermittent film
transport, and a high-definition video camera to capture the image. 
Nothing very earth-shaking that I can see.
	Interestingly, the patent seems to describe the telecine as only
operating at 24 fps, with 3-2 pulldown being accomplished by the spacing
of the apertures in the rotating shutter.

Hans Lehmann
Encore Video, Hollywood