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Re: SONY telecine.

>        I note that much debate takes place on the TIG about whether SONY
>have developed a Telecine. I can't answer that question categorically, but
>draw people's attention to US patent 5,428,387.

>From the US Patent office bibliographic database . . .

 United States Patent                                             5,428,387
 Galt, et. al.                                                Jun. 27, 1995
Method and apparatus for a real-time film-to-video conversion system

 Inventors: Galt; John (Glendale, CA); Pearman; James (Glendale, CA).
 Assignee:  Sony Electronics, Inc. (Park Ridge, NJ).
 Appl. No.: 054,526
 Filed:     Apr. 28, 1993

. . .


A real-time telecine system for converting motion picture film to high
definition video contains a control unit comprising a database which
provides complete control over all parameters associated with the film to
high definition video conversion. The telecine system comprises a film
transport sub-system, camera sub-system, rotating shutter and lamphouse. To
convert a motion picture film to high definition video, the motion picture
film is advanced, by the film transport sub-system, a single frame at a time
during a pulldown period, and the film is held steady during a register
period. The lamphouse emanates a single diffused light source to illuminate
the film frame to generate an optical film image. The rotating shutter
permits exposure of the optical film image to the camera sub-system in a 3-2
pulldown arrangement. Values for controlling the lamphouse light intensity
are stored in the database and are subsequently retrieved for film to video
conversion. In addition, color correction parameters associated with the
motion picture film are stored in the database such that the color
correction parameters are used as an initial starting point for the
calibration of the telecine system.

--- David Tosh  dlt at earthlink.net
--- Video Engineer, Complete Post, Hollywood