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Re: SONY telecine.

Why should this be a surprise? SONY PICTURES HDTV center in Culver
City has been vcranking out HD transfers for a couple of years now, 
using a Sony transport/control system and an Itsugi field array CCD 
camera.  Granted, there are only 3 or 4 in the world, and it's not a 
production machine... but it might be by NAB!

On Fri, 14 Feb 1997 02:33:29 -0500  David L. Tosh wrote:
>>        I note that much debate takes place on the TIG about whether SONY
>>have developed a Telecine. I can't answer that question categorically, but
>>draw people's attention to US patent 5,428,387.
>>From the US Patent office bibliographic database . . .
> United States Patent                                             5,428,387
> Galt, et. al.                                                Jun. 27, 1995
>Method and apparatus for a real-time film-to-video conversion system
> Inventors: Galt; John (Glendale, CA); Pearman; James (Glendale, CA).
> Assignee:  Sony Electronics, Inc. (Park Ridge, NJ).
> Appl. No.: 054,526
> Filed:     Apr. 28, 1993
>. . .
>                                  Abstract
>A real-time telecine system for converting motion picture film to high
>definition video contains a control unit comprising a database which
>provides complete control over all parameters associated with the film to
>high definition video conversion. The telecine system comprises a film
>transport sub-system, camera sub-system, rotating shutter and lamphouse. To
>convert a motion picture film to high definition video, the motion picture
>film is advanced, by the film transport sub-system, a single frame at a time
>during a pulldown period, and the film is held steady during a register
>period. The lamphouse emanates a single diffused light source to illuminate
>the film frame to generate an optical film image. The rotating shutter
>permits exposure of the optical film image to the camera sub-system in a 3-2
>pulldown arrangement. Values for controlling the lamphouse light intensity
>are stored in the database and are subsequently retrieved for film to video
>conversion. In addition, color correction parameters associated with the
>motion picture film are stored in the database such that the color
>correction parameters are used as an initial starting point for the
>calibration of the telecine system.
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