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Re: Telecine / Feature Film

Paul Holmes wrote:
> I sent this message to the group yesterday and have had no replies,
> Surely someone out there has something to say on this topic?????
> I try once more........
> >I enclose a request made to me by a colleague.  I want to throw this open
> >to the group to get some opinions:
> >
> >This relates to the Telecine of a feature film "I Went Down"
> >
> >Please reply to the group or to me at "holmsey at indigo.ie"

We have found that a standard I/Pos or Dupe Negative is not the best way
to achieve good results on telecine. A specially made I/Pos graded with
the telecine in mind will give very good results.  This is an expensive
option because the I/Pos will not be any good for making the Duplicate
neg. Alternativly,a good quality normal contrast print transfered on a
Ursa Gold (with it's improved contrast handeling ability) should give
good results with the benefit that you can use the print afterwards for