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Re: SONY telecine.

I had stumbled across that same patent a month ago (I love the IBM patent
server, very cool) and read it thinking, "All Sony has done -- really -- is
built a very conventional film chain with a diffused light source... and
computer control

There was a Bosch FDL60 in Detroit in the early 80s using a B&H type C
lamphouse for color correction.  Yes that uses one lamp split into three
primary colors, and recombined to a specular beam, but that's not a big
difference -- and light valves are used.

The rest of it (intermittent projector movement, shutter for 3/2 pulldown,
and camera) is pure film chain, though in a different box with computer

Why didn't they use a field store to derive 3/2 pulldown?  Seems more elegant
to me.

Is it that simple to get a patent?  Does this prevent anyone from making a
film chain that uses diffused light?  (Uh, sure!) Does anyone else have a
similar reaction to this patent?

Very interested in any responses and speculation!

Anyone seen output from this?  Assume it would look ok...  how does it
compare to an Ursa or Spirit?

Jeff "I remember using my first film chain in 1965, when I was a mere child"