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Re: jump free

>>can someone please give me an explanation of what exactly the "jump free"
>>technology is based upon and the difference between " jump free / metaspeed /
>>and any other speeds coming out".  also with the stabilazation technology
>>available in post is it within reason to rely on all this new telecine non
>>pinning and lock in post?
>> thank you-
>> X

>X, I should let you know that many here on the TIG frown on anonymous
>postings and would be much happier knowing to whom it is they were

I have heard a little on the stabilization technology.  I first heard of 
& saw it applied by a Flame artist, who swore by its effectivness for all 
but the very (he emphasized very) most critical projects.  I interpret 
this to indicate that its effectiveness may be somewhat similar to the 
stability of the RTS gates.  A meaningful evaluation/comparison (perhaps 
by the end users) sure would be cool.  So I should think that an 
essential difference between the two may well be the interface as well as 
the knowledge of the operator in applying the technology.

Tim Bond

By the way Mr. X,  would you be PH of the new MI?

RE: to Rob   
This person may well be in a position (pre-facility opening) where it may 
damage his position to make public his immediate intentions, yet requires 
the value of our opinions.
..Yet another tangent of this tangled web . . .