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NAB Telecine Fun Night

To Our Telecine Friends:

Options and several of the manufacturers that we represent have arranged for
another Telecine Fun Night during NAB as a small token of appreciation to our
industry friends.  The details are as follows:

Date:  Tuesday (April 8)
Time:   6:30pm - 10:30pm
Place:  The Aladdin Hotel

We have arranged for a DJ to play music throughout the night.  However, we
have specifically requested that he keep the music low enough so that
conversations will not be disrupted.

The presentation of this year's Nerdie Award winner will take place during
the Fun Night.  It will be presented by Rob Lingelbach (last year's
recipient), with assistance by Jeff Lee/SMA-NY and Bill Topazio/Manhattan
Transfer-NY (who have graciously agreed to jointly make this year's award).
 If you have not yet cast your vote for one of the Nerdie Award Nominees,
please do so by Monday (March 3rd).  Votes received after this time will not

The nominees are:

      Chris Bacon                         (DuArt/NY)
      Ian Brown                            (Eyes Post/Toronto)
      Dave Corbitt                         (Manhattan Transfer/NY)
      Paul Grace                          (Rushes/London)
      Trevor Herrmann                   (AAV/Australia)
      Ron Martin                           (Universal Studios/LA)
      Ralph Sargent                      (Film Technology/LA)
      Jean-Clement Soret              (Duboi/France)
      Herman Tam                        (Centro/Hong Kong)
      Dave Tosh                            (Complete Post/LA)

Options' manufacturers that are sponsoring the party with us are:

     Cintel Inc.                            Ross Video Ltd.
     Cintel Ltd.                            SADiE
     DAV                                    Steadi-Film
     DGS Ltd.                             VTA Tech.
     Evertz                                  Video Post & Transfer
     Kinescope                            VTK/Germany

Please see one of the above sponsors during NAB show hours on Monday (April
7th) or Tuesday (April 8th) to obtain an Invitation (which has more specific
details) and the Party Pass Badge.  Note that the Badge must be worn to
obtain entry into the Party.  Each sponsor has a limited number of
Invites/Badges, which will be available for distribution on a
"first-come-first-served" basis.

On behalf of the sponsors, we look forward to seeing you at NAB and joining
us at the 2nd Annual Telecine Fun Night.

All the best,