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Re: Diamonds

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Duck, Kevin.  We have 2 URSA to Gold upgrades and I haven't seen a cleaner
signal on any factory Gold.  There is no magical difference between a factory
Gold and a field fitted upgrade as far as I'm concerned except for the fancy
sheet metal and color paint.  I've seen a fairly wide range of signal quality
on all sorts of URSAs.  Some are noisier than others.  TWiGi seems to level
the field and get rid of an awful lot of the noise problems due to poor wiring
layout, poor front end design, and visible CRT artifacts.  The brighter CRT's
from both TE and Brimar help also by improving signal to noise.

Dave Corbitt
Manhattan Transfer/NYC

On Feb/17/97 8:11 PM Kevin Shaw wrote--->
I also doubt that an (old) Gold to Diamond upgrade will be as good. Things
the extra compliance arms would be very difficult to fit outside of the
factory. And anyway, Ursa to Ursa Gold updates are not as good as an original
Gold. (Ducking and Diving a la Jeff)