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Re; Party

Hi All

Just a note to say thanks to those Companies who supported the
recent Sprocket Hole Bash, it was a very good evening.

There was much talk of Spirit, Diamond, Twiggi and secret Cintel
projects but it was confirmed to me that David Fentons absence was 
due to his imminent upgrading to Grandfather status rather than 
him being involved in secret negotiations with the British Nuclear 
Fuels regarding a power source for a new machine.

I have been informed since that the upgrade has been successful so
many congratulations to David. Also, congratulations to Jean Clemont
Soret on moving to London and the Moving Picture Company, and to 
Ken Robinson with his new venture at Imagen Transfer in Santiago,

Finally, as there were many conversations last Thursday about the
dreaded "four zero", ( an impending fate it seems for many this year),
I'd like to join Jeff  Kreines in congratulating Mike Reichel in hitting
that target full on and getting the bullseye of a new son.
Seamus O'Kane.
VTR Ltd. London.