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Legal RGB

I have been looking through the archives for some of the previous
comments regarding the issue of Color space conversions, legal 601
gamut, and composite monitoring. However, I did not find the answer to
my questions so I thought I would pose the question to the general

It seems that this was a topic of great discussion about a year ago, and
everyone knows that there is a problem, but it seems that equipment
manufacturers have forgotten about this issue (or at least hoping that
you have).

There is a great difference between RGB legal, 601 legal, and composite
legal limits. Of course one must pay particular attention to the
composite legals for broadcast. My question is more concerned with RGB -
YUV color space conversions. With all of the RGB devices in our
environment today, how are post facilities dealing with this issue, or
are they dealing with it at all. If a spot is leaving Xfer and moving on
to say Flame, is the colorist trying to conform to RGB legal limits. If
we could have a small poll to see how people are approaching this
portion of our ever increasingly complex world, I think it would help a
great deal of us out here.

Steven Flippin
Chief Engineer
Crash & Sue's Film and Video Post
Minneapolis, MN