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Re: Diamonds

At 3:00 PM 2/17/97, Kevin Shaw wrote:
>I understand that the full Diamond upgrade will only be available WITH
>metaspeed. Jumpfree owners will have to buy a metaspeed to get all the other
>goodies. Ouuch
>I also doubt that an (old) Gold to Diamond upgrade will be as good. Things like
>the extra compliance arms would be very difficult to fit outside of the
>factory. And anyway, Ursa to Ursa Gold updates are not as good as an original
>Gold. (Ducking and Diving a la Jeff)
>If Cintel can bolt on enough extras, they cold charge the same as a Spirit! Not
>that I am knocking the result, I was floored when I saw how good the Twigi mod
>is. Beter pictures and more toys, roll on NAB.

I think you're missing something, Kevin. If Cintel can't or won't bring out
step-wise improvements for updates to the Diamond, then I'll bet the gap
will be filled by one of the "independents", e.g. Innovation, Dave Walker,
The Meta-folks, Dave Corbitt, Mike Waldie, Steadi-film, Bill Hogan, Richard
Collinette (sic, spelling?), etc. etc.
One of the most flexible aspects of *the machine* is the number of people
who can make a better mousetrap out of it.

I'll guarantee somebody out there will find a way do do all this better,
and possibly cheaper. It doesn't invalidate the original effort on the part
of Cintel, but I think it does demonstrate that Cintel have to think very
carefully before shutting out sections of their potential market, otherwise
it becomes harder to amortize those development costs.

BTW, I'm betting a chunk of change that either via the "authorized" upgrade
path, or some alternative, we can make a Gold look as good if not better
than a Diamond. We will be taking delivery of a regular "Gold" *before*
I have to agree with messrs Grace and Corbitt when they rightly took you to
task for the URSA to URSA Gold statement. There's still plenty that can be
done with the machine after you unwrap it!

Mike (I'm not a gambling man, really) Orton

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