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Re: Legal RGB

While we are opening this nasty little can of worms, could someome
please tell me if 525 "Component" signals are normally recorded with
setup in the Y channel ?
Possibly this is only done at the encoding stage.

Dave Marshall
Telecine Enhancements 
Auckland, New Zealand
(625 Country)

Steven Flippin wrote:
> I have been looking through the archives for some of the previous
> comments regarding the issue of Color space conversions, legal 601
> gamut, and composite monitoring. However, I did not find the answer to
> my questions so I thought I would pose the question to the general
> masses.
> It seems that this was a topic of great discussion about a year ago, and
> everyone knows that there is a problem, but it seems that equipment
> manufacturers have forgotten about this issue (or at least hoping that
> you have).
> There is a great difference between RGB legal, 601 legal, and composite
> legal limits. Of course one must pay particular attention to the
> composite legals for broadcast. My question is more concerned with RGB -
> YUV color space conversions. With all of the RGB devices in our
> environment today, how are post facilities dealing with this issue, or
> are they dealing with it at all. If a spot is leaving Xfer and moving on
> to say Flame, is the colorist trying to conform to RGB legal limits. If
> we could have a small poll to see how people are approaching this
> portion of our ever increasingly complex world, I think it would help a
> great deal of us out here.
> Steven Flippin
> Chief Engineer
> Crash & Sue's Film and Video Post
> Minneapolis, MN
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