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Re: Legal RGB

Dave Marshall wrote:
> While we are opening this nasty little can of worms, could someome
> please tell me if 525 "Component" signals are normally recorded with
> setup in the Y channel ?
> Possibly this is only done at the encoding stage.

As far as I know the betacam is the only format in 525 component that
setup. The SMPTE component does not include setup. Encoders then add
setup in 
the encoding process. This can lead to double setup if someone encodes a
525 component signal or records a Betacam 525 signal through the YUV
inputs on
a DVR-1000 and not the Betacam inputs and then encodes that.

As for RGB/YUV legal most "leagalizers" are attacking the YUV domain.
I am in search of a digital RGB clipper. Videotek has one but they have
color correction and all sorts of goodies that are useless on the end of
a Telecine
chain. All I want are white and black clips in RGB I can set in a
digital box that costs
under $3,000. You see when I put one on the output of every Telecine (4
right now)
I'am at $12,000. Every manufactur I've talked to wants to give me a
$14,000 box
with color correction.(x3=to many $$$)

Howard Lukk
International Video Conversions