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Re: SONY telecine.

Hi Jeff,

<< Why didn't they use a field store to derive 3/2 pulldown?  Seems more
to me. >>

One reason I can think of why they would resort to a mechanical shutter,
rather than an electronic framestore to make a 3:2 pulldown is to avoid a
patent conflict with Cintel, Inc, over the Digiscan.

<< Is it that simple to get a patent? >>

Part of the process involved in getting a patent is to explain to the patent
office how your invention differs from prior art.  It may be that they found
a loophole in previous patents (for example, RCA's original film chain
patents, which were made in the late 1930's, don't mention digital computer
control or correction databases since those things weren't even thought of
back then).  Or they just didn't do a vary good job of researching the patent

<< Does this prevent anyone from making a film chain that uses diffused
light?  (Uh, sure!) >>

It would be interesting to see how this relates to the diffused light source
used in the Philips Spirit/Kodak Thundercine.  

<< Anyone seen output from this?  Assume it would look ok...  how does it
compare to an Ursa or Spirit? >>

It sounds like a step backwards technologically, but without knowing the
price of the machine (if it will ever be sold as a product, if it even exists
as a "product"); or what the output looks like for different types of film,
who's to say ?!?

Christopher Bacon