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Re: Legal RGB

Dean Humphus wrote:
> We use the daVinci RGB limit, scopes, and eyeballs to help us keep t legal.
> I've yet to be arrested.....correction.....convicted.
Me too, But there is another device:  Video Engineerings Bow Street
legaliser which I use inside my Russell Square.  I really didn't ike
using the daVinci legaliser as it could sometimes look as if the signal
has a quantized look, especially in hi saturated reds near the black
level....  The colour would be chopped off, leaving a messy looking
tranition to black.

As I am on anyway, Thanks Seamus for the "plug"....  Still putting it
together here, but only a few days before we open.

Ken "sun tanning outside the suite, in a floppy hat" Robinson

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