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Re: Legal RGB and "shameless plug"

>Steve Prager (Prager and Associates) makes a simple 601 clipper that appears
>to work well, and is well within your specified price range.  It clips to
>"legal" levels. He indicated that he can set these to whatever is required
>by the customer.  It is a totally "tweakless" box

I have tested this box and it only clips the Y  on the YUV domain. It is
good because it will guarantee 100% legal luminance level on the composite
signal after encoding the digital signal. If you have a BTS MNR11, turn the
'LUM LIMITER' on will have the same function.

>Another box that Steve is making that might be of interest to some TIG
>readers is a reference generator that outputs an analog black reference
>based upon incoming 601 video.  This is useful for timing of devices (like
>and Accom Encoder and some others) that only reference to external video.
>It allows you to trick the box to reference from incoming video, allowing
>more flexibility when passing video through boxes that add line delays.

Here at POP, we help Steve to create that box and we have ordered serveral
for our telecine bays. When we are doing D2 to D2 tape to tape work, our
decoder/switcher usually will have lines delay. When this delayed digital
signal goes through the Accom 122 encoder, it will generate extra vertical
blanking. With Steve's box, the problem was fixed.

>Another useful Prager box is a black matte generator that can be used for
>leterbox mattes.  Some facilities are using it for covering up the vertical
>interval on the daVinci 8:8:8 output so they can get rid of daVinci color
>corrections to the vertical interval.

We used that at POP and it works great!!!
>Let me add that I have no affiliation with Steve Prager, or Options Inc.,
>and gain absolutely nothing from recommending Prager products. I just like
>to pass along simple, inexpensive solutions to common problems. Perhaps
>these will be at the Options booth at NAB?  I have not spoken with Steve for
>many months, so I am uncertain as to his NAB display plans this year.
Me too!!!

Evan Chan
Pacific Ocean Post