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Legal RGB

Tektronix has an assortment of free literature explaining the various 
standards and monitoring.

The particular pieces you'll want on this topic are:

"The Component Puzzle," Tek lit #25W-7009-1
"Preventing Illegal Colors with the Diamond Display,"  25W-7225
"A Guide to Digital Television Systems and Measurements," 25W-7203-2

The Component Puzzle explains how RGB and YUV and etc. transcode back and 

The Diamond Display applications note explains legality, validity and 
gamuts in various formats, as well as the use of the Diamond display for 
RGB monitoring.

The Digital TV book explains all sorts of great things, including what 
exactly is valid in 601, which is more than is legal in YUV, which is more 
than is legal in NTSC.

I'm writing a new app note on the Arrowhead display, which allows 
monitoring of a signal in 601 to see how legal it will be in NTSC or PAL.  

Not to sound like a jerk, but we are temporarily out of print on the 
Component Puzzle.  The Arrowhead app note is still under construction, so 
no one else will know about it yet.

You can request these through your friendly local Tektronix office 
worldwide,  which you should be able to locate at 

If you're in LA then just e-mail me personally with your snail mail address 
and I'll see to sending it out  I do have a few Component Puzzle books in 
my private stash, so so long as I don't get 500 requests I can send that, 

Contributions towards hiring Ken Rockwell a secretary are cheerfully 

Ken Rockwell
(310) CR8-VIDEO
kenneth.r.rockwell at tek.com