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Re: Legal RGB

Hello everyone,

	I wrote in last night regarding legal RGB limits and how facilities
are dealing with this issue. I have gotten a great deal of replies from
for which I thank you all, however a good number of the responses are
addressed to what IS legal rather than HOW you are dealing with the
to and from RGB and YUV. I am more interested in practices to reduce
and how colorists and engineers feel about resricting telecine bays to
RGB color 
spacing and legal 601 gamut.
	We have played with a number of techniques, including the RGB limiter
the 8:8:8 and the HP clipper (the model number escapes me), but our
colorist feel 
that this limits thier creative ability to the point where they do not
wish to use
these products. My feeling is that if you don't watch your levels and
maintain proper gamut, the RGB device which you are sending the video
downstream to will limit for you. I would much rather have control of
that than leaving it to a brick wall to take care of.
	If you have any ideas for me feel free.


Steven Flippin	
Chief Engineer	
Crash & Sue's Film and Video Post
Minneapolis, MN