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re:re:RGB Legal Limits

Hans Lehmann wrote,

>The newer Tek 601 scopes also incorporate their 'Arrowhead' display.
>This is kind of like the bow-tie display seen on some waveform monitors,
>but it represents color-space limits in composite rather than component
>form.  The front panel alarm will light up when the incoming video would
>exceed, say , 120 units of chroma once it is encoded.

This is intriguing, Hans, since I 'm familiar with the "Diamond Display"
displaying RGB gamuts, but I see no reference to composite gamuts at all.
Is this a new feature in the 601i scopes ?  I have a fairly recent model of
the 601i scope but there is no out-of-limit display for composite in my
instrument, only RGB.

Please clarify if you would.