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Re: RGB (Format Wars)

I sympathise with anyone who has to fit a session into both
worlds, RGB & YUV.  We all know they don't transcode well, you loose
something in the translation to & from YUV.  601 goes in, 599 comes
out.  It may sound like a slap in the face to RGB, but if the shoe
The biggest problem I see is that RGB does not do any highly saturated
dark or light ANY color. Try inputting SMPTE Bars into RGB box & look at
the I, Q, & pludge....  Upsetting, isn't it?  Anyone ever try to
create a McDonald's Logo on an RGB box & get the colors Perfect?
If a job must go through an RGB box, I would guess that RGB space
would be the best (Immediate) solution.   However, I would pray that
during a later revision or use, this footage would not go through a YUV
box(s), (Henry or On-Line Edit) where intercutting of NON-RGB material
is done.  Comments then would be: "Why did we loose all that detail in
blacks?" ...  "Why don't the color's match?"  "Why such a hard white
In a perfect world, a session if started in RGB would STAY in RGB, and
the same goes for YUV.  In a perfect world...
I'm just an engineer, not a colorist, and unfortunately the best
description I've been able to live with is the afore mentioned   601=YUV
---- 599=RGB...  P.S. I have the utmost respect for colorists.
Jan Janowski