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Millimeter interview with Dowdell

In the current issue of Millimeter there is an article on the Philips
Spirit, seemingly based on an interview with John Dowdell of Tape House.
Mindful of Rob's rules on marketing I am not going to respond to it in
detail, at least not here (although if you contact me direct I will happily
tell you what I really think).

You have to wonder how much of the article to believe, though, when in
paragraph two it boldly states that it is only with the coming of the
DataCine that "film-to-tape" transfers happen in real time, for example,
when going to 525- or 625- line video, or even to high definition.

Sorry guys: Cintel's ancestor the Baird Television Company cracked the real
time barrier in the nineteen twenties.  You are all working your URSAs and
Turbos in real time, aren't you?  Incidentally, the first practical and
commercial high definition telecine came from Cintel, too, more than ten
years ago.  Ask Lou Levinson if it works in real time.

If you get a chance, read the rest of the article, and see if it gets any
more accurate.

David Fenton
Cintel International