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Re: Legal RGB

We've been using Videotek's SDC 100 "color corrector" as a 601 proc amp in a
telecine suite, and it works as advertised for that purpose.  If analog RGB
or YUV signals get out of spec with this unit ahead of them, then it
indicates a DAC or encoder problem.  However, the clips in the SDC 100 "make
legal" function are not always appreciated, and some operators actually
prefer to leave it in bypass and just fly by the "gamut" light, which turns
red if things get out of range (we've also got a Tektronix WFM-601 to tell
them exactly where).  Given the fact that there is a da Vinci 888 in the
suite as well, the SDC-100's "color correction" capabilities are quite
redundant, but the only other choice at the time was the HP unit, and that
had other limitations.

Videotek just brought out what they call the DPA-100, which is supposed to be
a 601 proc amp, having "traditional proc amp" controls, but without all the
color correction stuff.  I am waiting to get a demo unit to see if it is
better suited (i.e. easier to use and more to the colorists' liking) for
keeping things legal in a telecine suite, and will report back on how it
works out.

Disclaimer: I am not connected with the above-mentioned equipment
manufacturers or their distributors in any way, and hope the above will be
accepted as fair comment and not "plugging."

Christopher Bacon
DuArt Video