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Re: RGB Legal Limits

Dean Humphus wrote:
> ..... I 'm familiar with the "Diamond Display"
> displaying RGB gamuts, but I see no reference to composite gamuts at all.
> Is this a new feature in the 601i scopes ?  I have a fairly recent model of
> the 601i scope but there is no out-of-limit display for composite in my
> instrument, only RGB.

	The 601i scope doesn't have the arrowhead display, but our 601m does. 
Tektronix now also makes the 601a, and 601e, both of which have the
arrowhead feature.
	I really like the arrowhead display; it seems very simple to interpret
for the operators that usually have been assigned the task of keeping an
eye on chroma levels.
	Perhaps Ken Rockwell would like to jump in here.

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