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Re: Diamonds

Mike Orton wrote:
> I think you're missing something, Kevin. If Cintel can't or won't bring out
> step-wise improvements for updates to the Diamond, then I'll bet the gap
> will be filled by one of the "independents", e.g. Innovation, Dave Walker,
> The Meta-folks, Dave Corbitt, Mike Waldie, Steadi-film, Bill Hogan, Richard
> Collinette (sic, spelling?), etc. etc.
> One of the most flexible aspects of *the machine* is the number of people
> who can make a better mousetrap out of it.

Mike, I agree with your statement completely. There is a lot of talented
people in the industry who will continue to produce "hot rod" parts for
Rank Cintel machines in order to fully realize the potential of the
flying spot telecine. For the record, the correct spelling of the
gentleman above is Richard Collenette.
Richard is alive and well here at All Post as our Telecine Engineering
Director producing new mods and conducting his magic on our ten Rank
Cintel telecines.  

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