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Re: DVR-2000 heads replacement

> At 16:47 19-02-97 -0500, Bill wrote:
> >Before replacing the drum for CTL problems, ask Sony to check
> >all the field bulletins pertaining to your serial number and
> >also try the new experimental PROMS for the 2100.  I have found 
> >them to significantly reduce the number of reported CTL errors.
> >Ask your Sony guy for the details.
> I have reported v12.11for the RF-23 board in our DVR-2000s. Any
> out there?
> Adrian Costoya <acostoya at starnet.net.ar>
> Engineering Manager
> Metrovision Producciones S.A.
> Buenos Aires - Argentina

I am also running V12.11 firmware on the RF-23 board, and I have noticed
some problems with one of the machines. Now and again, the machine will
play through an edit without going into the edit mode. When the firmware
was installed, I had a problem with tape tension on only the new sony tape
but our old 3M tape stock was fine. Adjusted tention and everything with
the exception of this one problem went away.