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Not sure how it leaked out that my status in this small world has been
'upgraded' to Grandfather.  I am very happy that it has because the
feedback and congratulations I have received subsequently from around the
globe has been so touching and very much appreciated.

Thank you to everybody that has responded.

Interesting, when you first get told by one of your own loving "children"
(now 30) that you are about to become a Grandfather, and you reflect on
your own young age, still no grey hair (no puns about Grecian 2000 please)
you can't help being shocked or is it pleased ?

To have a Grandson, alive, healthy and kicking at 8.5 lbs (3.85 kgs) and
already demanding his first set of Golf clubs after just one week makes me
very proud.

God bless you Simon.

Kind regards,

David Fenton