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timecode keycode timecode freeware

Hello Kevin,
> Jan/30/97, you wrote to the TIG:
> ..del.. I am also curious about which programs are in use for 
> timecode keycode timecode translations. I used to use OSC/R 
> with much success, but I guess that is no longer available. 
> Does it exist in shareware anywhere?  What other programs do
> similar things?

We quickly wrote 'edibridge-lite' to fulfill your request.  
Since this Aaton freeware could also help other TIG subscribers, 
we posted it on <http://www.alpes-net.fr/software.html>
(a light 98Kb download).

Using the Keycode 'hinge', it delivers CMX EDLs made of the 
VideoTC of the second transfer, after comparison between 
the NLE-generated CMX EDLs and the Keylink ATN-2 lists of the 
first transfer.
Installed into any DOS PC (w. mouse) it insures 
timecode/keycode/timecode translation in 24 at 25 PAL, 25 at 25 PAL,
24 at 29.9 NTSC and 30 at 29.9 NTSC.  
The 24(3:2pulldown) at 29.97 NTSC version will be uploaded later.

Mail us your critics, there is (a lot of) room for 

Jean-Pierre Beauviala                       http://www.aaton.com