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Re: DVR-2000 heads replacement

I'm referring to a new pre-release firmware for the SERVO-120
board.  The A PROM is called FC.04 adn seems to control the
rampant CTL errors.  This is NOT released firmware... yet,
but with the appropriate disclaimers and absolutions, you
should be able to get it from SONY.

On Thu, 20 Feb 1997 20:41:01 -0500  Steven Flippin wrote:
>> At 16:47 19-02-97 -0500, Bill wrote:
>> >Before replacing the drum for CTL problems, ask Sony to check
>> >all the field bulletins pertaining to your serial number and
>> >also try the new experimental PROMS for the 2100.  I have found 
>> >them to significantly reduce the number of reported CTL errors.
>> >Ask your Sony guy for the details.
>> I have reported v12.11for the RF-23 board in our DVR-2000s.

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