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lean Diamonds

>>We have 2 URSA to Gold upgrades and I haven't seen a cleaner
signal on any factory Gold.

OK I've seen your Ursa xxxs and yes I have to agree they are the cleanest I
have seen anywhere. My point was only that the "Cintel" upgrade in itself does
not make an Ursa into an Ursa Gold. Specifically it fails to comply with Euro
CE specs and it fails dismally to reduce internal interference and noise.

I did not mean to imply that 3rd party improvements, and engineering qualities
such as those possessed by yourself and indeed Paul Grace) could not make an
Ursa or any other machine vastly superior to its factory competitors.

It is for this reason that I posted my tongue in cheek message. Cintels "NEW
Diamond", is not so revolutionary, and for my money I would like to have seen
them come out with something more original. I am a great fan of the product and
use it in one form or the other regularly, and have been for what is it? 5
years ? Isnt it time for something more dramatic than fixes for original design

 Kevin Shaw
(Freelance Colorist, Consultant and Instructor)