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Re: lean Diamonds

Kevin Shaw wrote:
 > It is for this reason that I posted my tongue in cheek message.
Cintels "NEW
 > Diamond", is not so revolutionary, and for my money I would like to
have seen
 > them come out with something more original. I am a great fan of the
product and
 > use it in one form or the other regularly, and have been for what is
it? 5
 > years ? Isnt it time for something more dramatic than fixes for
original design
 > problems?
 > ---
Hear hear, Kevin.  I have to say that I did misunderstand your last
message as well, but now everything becomes clearer and I heartily

I started on Jumpscans in 1981 and everything that I ever saw since then
was a fix for something or other.  Would there have been such a vast
quantity of third party products if the machine had been better designed
in the first place?
I have just taken delivery of my new Quadra, and so far so good, it
worked out of the box!
Ken "Can I borrow your flame suit, Jeff?" Robinson

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