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Cintel ADS2 telecine  machines were not as bad as their reputation sugges=
The ADS1 was high maintenance, but the ADS2 was fairly well sorted.
They are very cheap secondhand and give good results.
Build quality on the later machines was much improved. There is not a "tw=
eak a day" needed on these machines, the front end was more stable.
I have seen machines running hard at work, day in and day out with few pr=
The boards are very complex in places (930 and 933).
I must be quite sad as I used to enjoy fixing these machines, I guess it'=
s a case of familiarity.
I liked the servo also.
The support question would need to be answered by Cintel.
If you get one then don't bother with any of the options such as dirt con=
cealment,pan,autocolour corrector etc.
Walk away from an ADS1 unless you have highly skilled engineering support=