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Re: DVNR GPI Trigger for Steadigate

Randy Reck wrote:

>I'm having difficulty in obtaining a factory mod to allow external GPI control
>of a freeze and flush operation. 
>Since this mode of operation is easy to configure right out of the box for
>and some BTS noise reducers, I was surprised to hear that my local Digital
>office wants a few thousand dollars and a laundry list of rev.# info for each
>DVANR4x4 that they modify to allow GPI inputs. I was told something about an
>engineer at the plant in Sweden writing custom s/w and someone doing h/w mods,
>even though we purchased all 3 of our units in 1996! (?!)
>Sounds feeshy to me.

Here! Here! I'm not agreeable to paying several thousand dollars for such a
feature either.  It should be part of the box.  Maybe if enough of us
complain, they'll wake up!

Phil Mendelson      philm at hollydig.com
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