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re:DVNR GPI Trigger for Steadigate

Randy wrote,

> I was surprised to hear that my local Digital Vision
>office wants a few thousand dollars and a laundry list of rev.# info for each
>DVANR4x4 that they modify to allow GPI inputs

Big surprise!  It may be cheaper to beg off some drawings and do the mods
yourself.  I suspect the software hooks are already in place, as you find
such references to" frame flush" in daVincis noise reducer setup "widget",
as well as the widget the operator sees.

On the DVNR 4x4, there is no back panel hardware for "external utilities",
as it were.  On the DVNR 500, there is at least a knockout for two
additional connectors.  

Of course, the other solution is to do nothing and slow your Adam II down to
about 1 frame/second.  That should allow enough time for the thing to flush.

Good Luck

Dean Humphus