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Diamond - Kevin Shaw's Posting


Just read the posting in respect of Kevin Shaw's observations/speculations on
the above subject.

First let me say that we see no reason why an existing URSA Gold when upgraded
to a Diamond should be worse in performance compared to that of a factory built
Diamond providing the whole thing is completed by a Cintel Engineer with all the
components provided.

The idea is that the machines will be equal with the following exceptions:-

A. The new 'wind' rollers, although fitted to both versions, will look slightly
different because on a factory built version the Deck Plate has been built
differently to accommodate the rollers more efficiently.  On the upgrade kit we
will provide 'Arms' to hold the rollers as drilling the Deck Plate in the field
is not practical.  Difficult to explain but at NAB we can talk people through
this quite easily.

B. The other difference is at the rear of the machine.  A factory built Diamond
will have the rear doors sporting extra fans but the upgrade kit will not.

We will be providing all Logo's and two new front doors in the new livery so the
machines from the front will look very similar with the only difference being
the 'wind' rollers.

Performance as I say will be equal.

Yes, as Kevin points out the Meta-Speed does replace all other types of
Steadiness devices including JumpFree and LowSpeed.  We know that the URSA to
URSA Gold upgrades were not a good as the factory built Gold's but that was
explained when we introduced the kits.  The problem is that the old URSA's were
built on a MKIII frame and had not gone through the E.M.C process which cleans
up the internal electrical performance, virtually eliminates interaction between
components within and most importantly eliminates all radiation influences.  The
Gold is a better machine than an upgraded URSA in so many ways, but this is not
the case if you upgrade from a Gold to a Diamond.

I think I would also like to say that our objective is not to bolt on enough
extra's so that we can charge more and believe me that day our price for this
kind of equipment even starts to approach that of the Data Cine will be the day
we at Cintel will have failed.


David Fenton
Sales Director