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The Cintel Diamond request

To David - Cintel

Hi David, many congratulations to the new member of the family.

All of us in the telecine business have been using third party decides that 
attach to a telecine for years.  It is nice to see that Cintel has 
finally recognized these individuals and or companies by want is 
being suggested as the upgrade of hardware to a Diamond machine 
(TWiGi - Metaspeed - Clearview and so on)

David, when is Cintel going to recognize that we do keykode reading as 
part of our daily routine.  Where am I going with this.  Simple.  
PLEASE make previsions for holes in the deck plate so we can dress the 
keykode head cables properly.


Tony Meerakker
Magnetic North

PS - For this suggestion David, I will take one free USRA Diamond