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Re: Diamond and Steadiness

My sincere thanks to Gary Coates of Western Images, San Francisco who
posted the following message:-

"Thanks to David Fenton for his comments on what URSA Diamond upgrades
Could David or  anyone  else from Cintel please respond as to how the
Metaspeed aspect of Diamond may effect those facilities considering
 who are presently operating URSA GOLDs equipted with Video Engineering's
PINUP or other  mechanical pin registration systems ? Please indulge
patiently the premise that some of us have clients who categorically insist
on the repeatibility of mechanical registration systems before dismissing
of hand the necessity of the mechanical method in the era of electronic
 Specifically, do Metaspeed  modifications under Diamond interfere with
Engineering's PINUP processes?"

First, let me say if a third party adds products to one of our machines
that subsequently makes one of our customers happy, who am I to complain. 
Maybe that customer may even, one day decide to buy yet another Telecine
from Cintel.

The good news is, that we are now in a position technically, to offer URSA
Diamond (including the Update Kits) with a choice of either Meta-Speed or
JumpFree/LowSpeed.  Clearly with JumpFree and LowSpeed fitted we can not
see a reason why mechanical 'Pin Reg' type gates cannot be used on a

I guess those customers affected can meet with our technical people at NAB
for a more in depth synopsis.

As for Pin-Up and similar other devices interfering with Meta-Speed in
operation, be it on a Diamond or any other URSA, I guess is a question that
should be directed to the respective manufacturers as I certainly do not
wish to steal their thunder.

David Fenton
Sales Director