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state of the group

Semi-annual state of the group message.  

We're achieved a stasis of about 650 subscribers; though there are 
perhaps 3-4 new subscribers each week, about that many drop off each
week or change email addresses and forget to update the subscribed

Countries represented: Norway, New Zealand, Australia, Canada,
Germany, Puerto Rico, France, UK, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand,
Malaysia, Chile, Japan, China, Ireland, Sweden, USA, Brasil,
Singapore, The Netherlands, Argentina, India, Mexico, Belgium, Italy,
and Texas.

The telecine-announce mailinglist, which accepts posts from companies
for marketing and product announcement purposes, seems to be a
success.  Everyone who subscribes to the main list or digest is also
subscribed to the -announce mailinglist, but retains the ability to
unsubscribe (only one or two have, at this time, unsubscribed).

All messages passing through this and the -announce group are archived
immediately on the website.  

With respect to NAB:

Any vendor/manufacturer who wishes to announce their product lineup
for NAB is welcome to use the -announce mailinglist to do so.  A
monetary contribution to the TIG must first be made...anyone needing
more information please contact me.

I'm gathering information for the third annual TIG-NAB focus sheet, a
brief document highlighting the new and interesting telecine-related
products at NAB this year.  It's intended to be a quick-strike guide
for those whose time at the show is limited.  I need input from
colorists and engineers about their interests-- I have a feeling we'll
hear more as the show nears.

Options International has graciously offered to provide a donation box
again this year at their booth for those who would like to make a
contribution to the TIG, such as foreign subscribers visiting the
show.  Details on the financial aspects of the TIG are available on
the website... or ask me for more information.  Hopefully
manufacturers will offset the costs of running the TIG completely one
day, and I won't need to ask individuals for contributions.


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