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Re: Diamond and Steadiness

>Thanks to David Fenton for his comments on what URSA Diamond upgrades mean.
>Could David or  anyone  else from Cintel please respond as to how the
>Metaspeed aspect of Diamond may effect those facilities considering upgrades
> who are presently operating URSA GOLDs equipted with Video Engineering's
>PINUP or other  mechanical pin registration systems ? Please indulge
>patiently the premise that some of us have clients who categorically insist
>on the repeatibility of mechanical registration systems before dismissing out
>of hand the necessity of the mechanical method in the era of electronic
> Specifically, do Metaspeed  modifications under Diamond interfere with Video
>Engineering's PINUP processes?
>Gary Coates
>Western Images/San Francisco
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        Gary Coates
        Western Images/San Francisco

        Just read a response to your inquiry about possible
Meta-speed/Pin-up compatibility from David Fenton with Cintel.
        If it is my understanding, you're not going to be able to use
Meta-speed with your Pin-up unless you keep your current servo system. Or
possibly upgrade it to Jumpfree, if not currently fitted.

        But then some low level gray matter clouded the explanation!

        If I read correctly. Anyone using aftermarket PIN REG gates should
consult with their respective manufacturers for intigration into an
existing system.

        I think the intent is clear.

        Upgrade to an URSA Diamond and buyer beware. Cintel did not cover
all aspects, software and hardware, to make this upgrade what it could have
really meant to Telecine market.

        Comprehensive advancement of a device that has long sought a
cleaner front end. A more polished and responsive suspension. But most of

        Drew Marsh
        Senior Colorist
        The Filmworkers Club
        Dallas, TX

        Driving the SPIRIT in TEXAS!