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Re: Colorists: question about correcting tungsten film shot in daylight

Marc Wielage wrote:
> dlew at interport.net (Darren Lew) asked:
> >What differences have you noticed when correcting tungsten balanced film
> >shot in daylight with either
> >
> >1) no filter
> >2) a Tiffen LLD filter
> >3) an 85 filter
> >

Sorry to be so late in adding my peso from S. America, but.....

First, I greatley sympathise with Marc over his Disney problem, I would
not have liked to be on the end of that one.  I had enough of a problem
with the red filter on the colour neg stock to make it better black and
white, (or so the DP thought)!

Many years ago I ran some tests in London with a couple of DP's and
found that we got much better chroma information with no correction on
the front of the camera lens.  So my feeling is to have as little glass
as possible between the image and the film.  On the telecine its always
been possible to push the image to almost any extent even before the
advent of useable secondaries, or secondary processors.

I find personaly that with the advent of nice TK filtration, even that
looks nicer colour wise that sticking mists on cameras.

And finaly, to agree with Marc, stick with one or the other....  OR PAY

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