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Diamonds and Rust - telecine names

Uh, off topic, but I was just remembering that Joan Baez song about Bob 
Dylan...  and this seemed like the place to post it...  perhaps a little 
music box movement could be built into the Diamond so that whenever the 
door is opened, this song plays!?  Options, here's a real 3rd party 
product for you! The Diamonds and Rust Open Door reminder, only $39.95! 
(Installation extra)  ;-)  

I really don't know about these telecine names...  Diamond, Spirit, URSA, 
Turbo, Quadra...  not really sure that they evoke the right images.  And 
DataCine?  Who wants to turn movies into DATA? 

Then again, I never really liked jewelry... and after Diamond, where can 
Cintel go?  Emerald?  Ruby? A color correction nightmare! 

Jeff "rust never sleeps, silver is better than rust, diamonds (and other 
telecines) perform alchemy by turning silver into rust...  think I need 
some more coffee" Kreines


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