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Re: Diamond And Steadiness

Drew Marsh wrote in response to my article:     


 If I read correctly. Anyone using aftermarket PIN REG gates should
consult with their respective manufacturers for intigration into an
existing system.

 I think the intent is clear.

Upgrade to an URSA Diamond and buyer beware. Cintel did not cover
all aspects, software and hardware, to make this upgrade what it could have
really meant to Telecine market.

Comprehensive advancement of a device that has long sought a
cleaner front end. A more polished and responsive suspension. But most of

        Drew Marsh
        Senior Colorist
        The Filmworkers Club
        Dallas, TX

        Driving the SPIRIT in TEXAS!


Drew Marsh of Filmworker's Club in Dallas has misunderstood my posting
about RTS and pin gates.  All I was trying to say is that these
manufacturers have their own marketing programmes and I am sure they woud
prefer to tell their story their way.  Call us reformed characters if you
like, but we definitely acknowledge the importance of third party
manufacturers in telecine.

For the record let me make it perfectly clear.  Ursa Diamond takes the
excellent platform that is Ursa Gold and improves on it, in ways that have
already been described.  In so doing, it does not take away  any
functionality that currently exists, and that includes the ability to use
other gates, including non-real time pin gates.  Purchasers  of Ursa
Diamond will have the option of either the Cintel Jumpfree/Lowspeed servo
or Metaspeed and this therefore clears up your misconception - Buyer

And talking of pin gates: how are you managing on the Spirit of Texas?

David Fenton
Cintel International