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1 Frame delay box

                      Subject:                              Time:  10:05 AM
  OFFICE MEMO         1 Frame delay box                     Date:  2/28/97

Using a K'Scope in the telecine suite is getting more and more requested in
our facility.  Our problem is finding a one frame delay for the direct signal
out of the DaVinci in to the Digital Switcher so it matches in time the
processed K'scope signal for effects such as the fuzzy glow, etc. We can jury
rig a noise reducer in line or some other single frame device such as an old
A-60 in line.  My point here is does anyone know of an inexpensive device that
is just a single frame delay for 10 bit 422 and/or 444 signals? No fancy
processing, just delay. Thanks, I await a zillion replies.
Dave Corbitt
Manhattan Transfer / Edit, Inc.