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Kepping both feet on deck and a rod over stern (steadiness)

        David Fenton,


        I see that my response to your original posting for Gary Coates has
enticed some activity about the subject.
        I must first thank you for clarifying the issue of possible
compatibility restraints. I will also thank Options Intl. for their added
support by continuing to assure customers that upgrading a Rank is
        I mean that.

        I hope that you all take this with a grain of salt. I'm hoping this
will bring a few of you out. Where is the KING when you need to mount a

        By the way. After spending 12 years driving a Cintel platform I
must say that the SPIRIT has managed to flatten me to the back of my chair.
The Spirit, in realtime steadiness tests, has out performed every Cintel
that I have had the pleasure to drive. E.P.R. aside!! (Say thank you
Larry). The servo system is by far the smoothest of any known product. And
fitted with those optical gates manufactured to spect by KODAK. Oh my God
this state is big!!..

        Bottom line is I also have at my disposal an incredibly clean and
well oiled Rank Cintel URSA Gold. Each of these are worthy steeds with
which to mount an assault. However, sitting atop the SPIRIT, and with my
heigth, it's suddenly alot clearer toward the horizon.

        Come toward the WHITE light.

        Looking forward to all the responses.
        From a state the size of most countries.
        Go Fish

M. Drew Marsh
The Filmworkers Club

P.S. By the way David, I'm still looking forward to the subscription to IMAGES!!